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Major Government Department

Turning project risk data into better use of taxpayers’ money
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Risks flagged in 24 hours (not 4 weeks)


Capital investment project risks

A major government department was managing delivery of large capital investment projects by complex stakeholders where risks were either invisible or not raised in time. How could they reduce overspend and delays?

"It feels fantastic to deliver real value to the UK public sector."
John Wyllie, MD

A data product to mitigate risk

In under 14 weeks, we created a multi-cloud architecture using both Google Cloud platform and Microsoft Azure while a multi-disciplinary product team built a data platform and an application. 250 users were able to use the product to better mitigate risks.

We reduced the time it takes for high-risk activities to be flagged from 4 weeks to 24 hours, significantly mitigating investment risk. Plus, we saved over 100 person-days of work through automation.


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