Who we are

Experts who deliver fast

At Datasparq, we’re experienced AI practitioners who are passionate about delivering valuable, operational AI solutions quickly. Our teams combine a unique mix of data science, product thinking, engineering, and design.

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Our mission

Empowering people and organisations to achieve beyond their potential

Turning data into better

We design, build and run cutting edge and ethical AI and data solutions that are used every day. We’re passionate about finding original and smarter ways to solve big, meaningful business challenges with AI and data.

AI to help, not replace

We believe that AI only truly delivers when it works in synergy with people, allowing them to be more productive, make better decisions, and be more efficient. We take a product thinking approach to all our solutions, remaining laser focused on the problem to be solved, and working closely with end users throughout the process.

AI for all

The real kick for us is in making an impact on the everyday operations of a business. We believe any business, no matter its size, can benefit from the value held in its data. We make AI accessible and easy to use for everyone with the ambition to be better – not just the big corporations with deep pockets.

AI at speed

We understand the importance of getting to value fast. Our data platform components and out-of-the-box tools allow us to reliably build, test and deploy AI and data solutions in weeks not months.

AI that delivers

We’re not in this to ‘bill the hours’ but to build AI that delivers. We’re happy to stay with you right the way through to the fine detail of scaling and running a production service. In fact, we’re so committed to delivering something truly impactful and original, we’re even prepared to put our fees at risk.

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Welcome to the team

A Datasparq team is a unique mix of passionate and pragmatic experts, dedicated to building original, intelligent, resilient and effective AI and data solutions to business problems. And that includes you. Because the best – in our opinion the only way – to make a sustainable improvement to your business is to collaborate, so that the solution we build for you is truly operational; giving you the best of both human and machine intelligence.

John Wyllie, Managing Director

The way we work

Bespoke teams for bespoke challenges

Datasparq people are unique. Just as no business challenge fits neatly into a box, neither do our people. Rather than simply hiring a data scientist or a data engineer, we seek out passionate experts who can bring a range of overlapping skills to any team. This multidisciplinary ability is particularly useful when tackling business problems, each of which is different. We prefer to take a bespoke approach, putting together the right line-up to work together with you, rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach.

Build your perfect mix

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Doing things better

Our innovative team are always exploring new ways for AI and machine learning to work better for businesses.

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