Our products start with a SparQshop

Identify and quantify the value of AI to your business in our 1/2 day SparQshop

The SparQshop is our collaborative process to identify and quantify the value to be gained through AI in your business. This 1/2 day virtual workshop gets straight to the point, identifying solutions to your biggest pain points.

Spread over two 2-hour sessions we help businesses:

  • Discover high-value opportunities by analysing the end-to-end business value-chain to uncover processes, systems and users that can work better, cheaper and faster.
  • Identify solutions which would address the highest value opportunities.
  • Prioritise solutions by exploring and estimating value vs delivery viability.
  • Define solutions in our simple but effective Product Primer template.
By the end of the session, you can expect:

  • Clarity on where the bottlenecks are for your business and how (and if) an AI/machine learning solution can help.
  • Product Primers – Definitions of solutions to your specific business problems, including user requirements, success criteria, potential analytics and data science approaches, data requirements, and key dependencies/risks.
  • A way forward – We will provide a proposal for a Prove Phase for your product of choice, where we would demonstrate its effectiveness with real data.

"The SparQshop is amazing, it's an offer of real value, not just a chat"

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