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Senior Product Lead

About the job

At Datasparq our mission is to empower people and organisations to achieve beyond their potential. We design, build and run cutting edge and ethical AI and data solutions that get used every day. We’re passionate about finding original and smarter ways to solve big, meaningful business challenges with AI and data.

Our Product Leads work across the whole lifecycle of our client engagements, helping define outcomes, solutions, and ultimately managing the delivery.

What are Datasparq Product Leads like?
Datasparq Product Leads…

  • are organised, pragmatic, and action-oriented
  • love working in multidisciplinary teams alongside engineers, data scientists and sales and marketing teams
  • believe in agile, incremental delivery to ensure value is being delivered at every step
  • try new things, evaluate, and stick with what works, sharing and promoting their learnings with colleagues
  • are excellent communicators and comfortable engaging with clients
  • are curious and questioning, they identify gaps before they become issues
  • are value-focused and always looking to deliver products and solutions which solve real customer problems
  • are passionate about the potential of AI/ML to create a positive impact.
  • are obsessed with User Experience and ensuring that products are used and loved by customers
  • have a good base of understanding of data and machine learning.
  • can articulate a vision for a product they look after and can cut through the noise of requirements and feature requests to zone in on what’s important.
  • have worked in great teams before, and know how to nurture a culture which delivers real value, quickly.

What does a Datasparq Product Lead do?
Datasparq Product Leads…

  • lead development activities using agile methodologies including owning and prioritising the product backlog.
  • build and maintain positive client relationships from pre-sales through to delivery and managed service.
  • develop project proposals, assessing client opportunities and challenges through interviews and data analysis to develop cohesive AI/ML propositions
  • contribute to “SparQshops™”, our unique discovery workshop designed to identify, qualify and validate AI opportunities.
  • contribute to product strategy, working closely with their colleagues in the Product Management team.

What experience/qualifications does a Datasparq Product Lead have?
Typically a Product Lead will have experience in some or all of the following:

  • use of agile delivery tools such as Jira/Confluence
  • as an agile delivery lead (scrum master/project manager) responsible for running day to day delivery for a multidisciplinary team including software engineers and data scientists.
  • supporting the rollout of new products or services with clients/customers, helping to manage any cultural or business change to ensure they deliver the value promised
  • as a Product Owner in an agile delivery team
  • as an engagement lead in a professional services company, responsible for leading client relationships and ensuring agreed scope is delivered on time and budget.
  • working in a product, delivery, or technical role which leans heavily on data, machine learning or AI.

Location: London (opportunities to work remotely)

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