Identify high-value opportunities for data and AI

The SparQshop is a collaborative exercise with your business, operational and technical leaders and our product owners, data scientists and engineers.


"Datasparq are expert practitioners, developing and deploying data and AI solutions that make a real impact to customers everyday working lives, and they have a unique ability to take the customer on a journey to an actual outcome"


What to expect

Split over two, 2 hour sessions, the SparQshop will:

  • Discover high-value opportunities by analysing the end-to-end business value-chain to uncoverprocesses, systems and users that can work better, cheaper and faster.
  • Identify AI solutions which would address the highest value opportunities.
  • Prioritise solutions by exploring and estimating value vs delivery viability.
  • Define solutions in our simple but effective Product Primer template.

What you need to give:

  • Up to 6 Key stakeholders - Ideally these are the people who know most about the the area of your business you want to improve, and the people who will benefit from those improvements.
  • A mapped out business value chain (it saves a lot of time to have this prepared in advance)
  • A decision maker - Sometimes we simply need a decision to allow us to move on.


"Datasparq's SparQshop helped bring together different stakeholders from across the business to discuss the art of the possible with data and AI, and identify where an operational data solution could drive most value. It was a really useful investment of our time, and I would highly recommend it."

Bibby Financial Services

Session 1

Discovering the opportunity

The first session is all about building understanding; how things work today, what the challenges are, and there-in where the opportunities reside.

It involves:

  • Value chain review - Value chain/company process to be mapped in advance
  • Pain point identification - Identification and detailing of main pain points in process
  • Solution ideation - Creation of solution ideas to address the challenges identified
Session 2

Defining the solution

The second session is all about working out where to focus and how to get started.

It involves:

  • Prioritising opportunities - Value vs complexity, identification of top 3 solutions to explore
  • Completing Product Primers - Deeper dive into each solution, to create product definitions
  • Agreeing next steps - Defining a delivery roadmap for the phases of work, including immediate, short and long - term actions to provide a clear line of sight to value capture


"The SparQshop is amazing, it's a unique way to take customers on a journey to implementing AI. Datasparq helped us identify 4 viable AI solution definitions in just one 4hr workshop"


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