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Take advantage of our extensive experience with Google Cloud through our data platform DiagnostiQ and Accelerators.

Platform DiagnostiQ

When did your data platform last have a health check? Our DiagnostiQ is a great place to start if you want to get more from GCP

Platform Accelerators

Our platform Accelerators are tailor made to help you quickly solve the next challenge to getting more from your data platform. They each make extensive use of our Elements of Engineering component library.

Migrating to BigQuery

BigQuery Migration Accelerator

Avoid common migration pitfalls (expensive queries and data reconciliation issues) when you migrate your data warehouse (from Teradata, SQL Server, SAP BW and others)
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Delivering self-service BI

Self Service BI Accelerator

This accelerator helps your business users produce their own Business Intelligence reports and analytics without the need of IT support
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Ensuring data quality

Data Quality Accelerator

This accelerator equips you with tools, techniques, testing and alerting solutions that make sure your data is accurate and in the expected state and format and thus trusted and reliable
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Building scalable and resilient data pipelines

Dataflow Accelerator

This accelerator ensures you have scalable data pipelines in place to tackle any data processing requirement irrelevant of data size and state (batch or stream)
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Taking machine learning models from pilot to production

Machine Learning Accelerator

This accelerator helps you get your Machine Learning models out of notebooks and into production, so you can realise their true value.
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Implementing better data governance

Data Governance Accelerator

This accelerator helps you build, deploy and manage data security policies to ensure better compliance and increased security of your data platform
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