Machine Learning Accelerator

Getting a prototype ML model to deliver a measurable business benefit is a significant challenge. To reap the benefits of your Machine Learning models you need to rapidly deploy, test and optimise them in production. 

Typical Challenges

  • Optimising and retraining models once they're released is time consuming and unreliable
  • Models that showed promise when prototyped aren't performing as expected in production.
  • Getting models from prototype to production takes too long

What we do

  • Provision the infrastructure needed (including GPUs/TPUs where neccessary) to power AI applications (using Terraform)
  • Perform feature engineering
  • Bring domain knowledge of most suitable algorithms and features for specific machine learning problems.
  • Rapidly engineer Dataflow ELT process based on templates, patterns and bespoke encoders
  • Implement parallel processing using Dataflow for large batch (millions) predictions
  • Deliver secure APIs for your end-users or other applications to consume

What you get

  • A state of the art machine learning layer, built of data pipelines
  • Optimal hardware provisioning for your use case
  • Tooling for model training and hyperparameter tuning
  • Model retraining capability through feedback loops
  • APIs to consume the model output

Augmented intelligence, expertly engineered​

For any inquiries please email

Orion House, 5 Upper St Martin’s Lane
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