Graduate Data Engineer

Data Engineering

Graduate Data Engineer


By combining data science, design and technology with our clients’ business priorities, we build valuable intelligent products that businesses use to super-charge their decision making.

A number of products we build are bespoke for clients; solving specific high-value opportunities in their business using data and AI; other products are more generalisable across industries and brands and are designed to solve common problems.

Our resulting intelligent products are valuable, usable and sustainable. They are tools and services that integrate into our clients’ workflows: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), interactive applications, bespoke data visualisations or even a simple Excel file - whatever it takes to automate, accelerate or augment their decisions.

Our team is a mix of talented, and highly accomplished big data engineers, data scientists, product designers and software engineers. Our products are deployed across the cloud ecosystem and our client base spans multiple industries including retail, finance, software, transport and gaming.


New graduates at Datasparq can expect to be engaged in interesting and challenging projects from the outset, being coached and mentored by our team of experienced Data, Software and AI engineers. Typically, an engineering graduate will be involved with more than one of the following technical challenges within their first year:

  • Provisioning cloud infrastructure via IaC (infrastructure as code), providing a stable base for data engineering & science software to execute
  • Developing data transformations + logical rulesets on a variety of data types and sizes -  utilising a mixture of techniques e.g. MPP (massive parallel processing), SQL, Python and more
  • Moving data analysis and science from prototypes to valuable and stable operational business processes, via a mixture of best practise techniques (serverless, container based, etc)
  • Creating a range of interfaces for data processes, including: APIs, integration with third party products, user interfaces (typically web) and more
  • Assist in maintaining and improving our current data services we provide to our customers (both data platform and AI solutions)

Technicalities aside, you will also have the opportunity to contribute to our pre-product phase. Helping shape and define the data processes and products we build for our customers. Ensuring that our projects and services have the best possible chance of success.

Core Desired Skills & Experiences:

  • Desire to learn new data development practises utilising Datasparq toolset (e.g. Python, Git, Docker, Terraform, cloud infrastructure providers and more)
  • Experience in using code to perform analysis, automation, or data transformation
  • Able to self-manage and complete tasks given appropriate guidance and direction
  • Collaborates with clients on delivery, and is comfortable presenting to clients
  • Willing to move between projects and learn new topics quickly and effectively
  • Effectively communicates their technical/process ideas at a project team or company level (e.g. at chats, seminars)
  • Aims to develop fluency in tools or techniques within engineering and will demonstrate strength in several appropriate techniques, technologies or approaches
  • Looks to support colleagues in projects (not necessarily ones they are working in) which better enable those colleagues to be effective
  • Constantly develop technical skills using the latest cloud technology - achieving & maintaining relevant certifications

Location: London (opportunities to work remotely)

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