When did your Data Platform last get a health check?

Our DiagnostiQ gives you the confidence and reassurance that your data platform is operating as effectively and efficiently as it should be.

We developed our DiagnostiQ to help businesses get more from their cloud platforms. Through our delivery of numerous data platform and machine learning projects we have honed an optimised logical architecture – our Blueprint. The Blueprint is our recipe for success – it contains all the vital capabilities alongside our component library and best practice for how and when each should be used.

We trust in our Blueprint to support mission critical data driven capabilities and it acts as a framework against which we can provide feedback on your data platform. The goal of our DiagnostiQ is to provide actionable recommendations for your platform which will lead to quantifiable benefit.


We start with understanding your use cases. What value are you looking to get from your data platform? Our blueprint provides a baseline to evaluate the state of your cloud deployment.

It's segmented in logical components to capture all end to end needs. From here we prioritise the platform capabilities that address your use cases.

If, for example, your needs do not include streaming data, our DiagnostiQ approach will place less importance on these components.


We examine and evaluate the suitability, performance and efficiency of your cloud deployment using industry leading criteria and best practices based on our real world experience.

Using our framework, we will score each component and provide rationale and evidence to support the results.


The output of our diagnostiQ is a comprehensive report with your current state, and recommended target state based on valuable use-cases for your business.

We will highlight the key capability gaps in your data platform and provide you with concrete next steps to achieve quick-wins towards your target state, as well as longer term strategic initiatives

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