Data Scientist

Data Scientist

At Datasparq, we work a little differently with our Data Science recruitment. If you have a great track record, then we want to help you get on board with us. We will tell you what we’re looking for; we will give you guidance on how to make the most of your application during the process. We want you to succeed in getting the role and then we want to help you to excel in the role itself. We want to help you develop your career in Data Science; get into new areas of Data Science; help you inspire others to succeed; and develop impact from landed Data Science projects. We want you to bring your teammates with you on that journey so we all get to benefit from the joint endeavour.

Most of all we want you to enjoy what you do and further enthuse the team with that enjoyment!

Data Scientist Role Ethos: Bringing the best of yourself. Helping others to achieve.

Data Science-specific Expected Behaviours and Attributes

A Data Scientist should have:

  • Experience with Data Science-oriented projects and investigations either in a commercial or academic setting
  • The ability to communicate their technical/process ideas at a company level (e.g. at internal talks, seminars) and may be participating in meet-ups and industrial gatherings.
  • The ability to demonstrate value/impact through scientific investigation
  • A high-quality quantitative first or second degree with good evidence of project work and group project work

General Expected Behaviours and Attributes

We would look for a Data Scientist in our team to have most of these attributes already or be more than willing to engage in these once they arrive.

A Data Scientist should expect to be:

  • An independent problem solver within a team; able to take ownership of a problem as part of a workstream and work with minimal oversight to complete this
  • Able to evaluate options with colleagues and clients, securing alignment and owning delivery of that work item; occasionally contributing to new business proposals
  • Developing expertise in several tools or techniques in one or more areas and can demonstrate fluency in many appropriate techniques, technologies or approaches
  • Easily able to move between projects and learn new topics quickly and effectively
  • Clearly building a portfolio of project achievements (can pick out 2 or 3 highlights) and learnings that will likely have a positive impact on their company or project, either technically or culturally
  • Able to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills through good co-working habits
  • Able to support colleagues in onboarding to new projects and promote good communication behaviours across the company
  • Capable of motivating and supporting a learning culture within Data Science and is leading by example
  • Able to demonstrate ad hoc support of colleagues in projects (not necessarily ones they are working on) which better enabled a project to succeed

Who is Datasparq?

Datasparq is an ethical AI product creator, service provider and consultancy.

We are a highly dedicated team of experienced data scientists, engineers, product designers and visualisation professionals who between us solve impactful problems for a diverse range of companies from international airlines to multinational pharmaceutical companies to luxury global hotel brands.

As a company, we don’t just value diversity - we place it at the heart of what we do. We need diverse thinking from diverse people to help us create solutions quickly that are effective and respect the audience for the tool.

We build AI/Data Science tools and turn them into robust and trustworthy services for customers. We start from sometimes fundamental research and iterate using basic Lean Startup principles to find Data Science solutions to complex but valuable problems. We work hand-in-hand with our Product team and Engineers to ensure that solutions are crafted for productionisation and ultimately deployment. We run data science products in the cloud as services for our clients or deploy to their infrastructure as needed and we do so at pace.

We don’t just build ML models - we take our science from the broad spectrum of Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research and Computer Science. We work with academic partners and CDTs around the UK to ensure that what we do is founded in high quality uptodate science.

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