Data Quality Accelerator

Effective data driven decisions rely on high quality data. This accelerator delivers the robust testing and alerting solutions that are essential when data quality matters.

Typical Challenges

  • Data is poor quality but it's not clear where in the pipeline the problems are being introduced
  • Duplicate or incorrectly processed data leads to wrong information reaching the decision makers or end-users
  • Automating testing as part of a pipeline and CI/CD process can be complex if not done correctly from the beginning

What we do

  • Build an automated testing layer on top of the data transformation layer which has a main goal to validate Volume, Velocity, Veracity and Variety.
  • Implement data validation, process validation and outcome validation at each transformation stage.
  • Deploy monitoring dashboards and robust alerting mechanisms that notify the admins accordingly.
  • Deliver a testing framework that is re-usable and applied on top of the transformation layer of your data pipelines (implemented as Composer/Airflow operators)

What you get

  • A data platform that users can trust which can confidently power higher level applications
  • Increased trust of the data platform from stakeholders
  • Improved CI/CD process for data pipelines
  • Dashboarding and alerting to allow timely identification of data quality issues

Augmented intelligence, expertly engineered​

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