Data Governance Accelerator

Data is an asset. Effective data governance is essential  to ensure that data remains secure, compliant and trusted. This accelerator delivers the tooling and audit capabilities you need to ensure your data remains an asset and not a liability. 

Typical Challenges

  • Bad data governance leads to inconsistent, duplicate and missing data that affects how it can be used in your business
  • Identification and management of PII data is inconsistent and ineffective
  • Inability to correctly enforce policies leads to people not having the right permission to perform their job

What we do

  • Define data usage policies
  • Manage the addition of new data sources
  • Enforce “defence in depth” strategy to secure and limit access to data while also ensuring GDPR compliance with Google's DLP API
  • Track data lineage to identify all the different transformational stages it has gone through by using our own Metastore on top of Google’s Firestore
  • Audit data operations through IAM operations logging and alerting

What you get

  • Documented guidelines to onboard new data sources.
  • A GDPR compliant solution for managing your PII data.
  • Guidelines and best practices of how to deploy IAM policies using Google Groups
  • Data lineage solution
  • Increased compliance and fewer data breaches.

Augmented intelligence, expertly engineered​

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