BigQuery Migration Accelerator

Migrating your data and applications to BigQuery can be complex and risky. Our expertise and tools help ensure your migration is a success, and you’re set up to use BigQuery in the most performant and cost effective way.

40% Quicker Deployment*

20% Cost Savings*

Typical Challenges

  • Inefficient queries are too costly
  • Application ETL pipelines are time-consuming and difficult to maintain
  • Optimal BigQuery schemas are different to traditional approaches
  • Data reconciliation issues introduced by migration are difficult to resolve
  • Unstructured source data makes identifying and hiding PII data a challenge

What we do

  • Design and build optimal BigQuery schemas
  • Rapidly engineer Dataflow ELT process based on templates, patterns and bespoke encoders
  • Apply monitoring and automated testing at each stage of the pipeline using Stackdriver
  • Apply data governance using Google Groups and IAM to application consumption layer

What you get

  • Migrated application delivered quicker
  • Cost-efficient BigQuery solution with optimised schemas and queries
  • BigQuery application that is compliant, managed and scalable
  • Migrated application with trusted and validated data

* Example savings seen after implementation

Augmented intelligence, expertly engineered​

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