Self-service BI Accelerator

This accelerator helps you provide self-service analytics, allowing those in your organisation who need information to get to it quickly and accurately.

50% Quicker Reporting*

20% Cost Savings*

Typical Challenges

  • Legacy Data Warehousing solutions aren't scalable or flexible enough to support self-service BI
  • Data management and handling of PII data is a challenge
  • Inappropriate security controls mean people don't have access to the data they need, or have access to data they shouldn't!
  • Lack of templates mean report generation is inconsistent and time consuming
  • Designing data models with Self Service BI in mind can prove challenging and, if not done correctly, costly

What we do

  • Design and build optimal BigQuery schemas for self service BI
  • Apply data governance using Google Groups and IAM to application consumption layer
  • Design reporting templates on your visualisation tool of choice that can be used to cover all your basic reporting needs

What you get

  • A reporting layer to power your BI needs
  • Cost-efficient BigQuery solution with optimised schemas and queries
  • BigQuery application that is compliant, managed and scalable
  • PII data segregation and “re-joining” solution (based on your user roles)
  • User roles and security management mechanism

* Example savings seen after implementation

Augmented intelligence, expertly engineered​

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